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Favorite Book:   The Shining

What Old Trend Would you Revive if You Could:   The Flapper Look

Most Used Social Media:   Tik Tok

What Would you Rate 10/10:    Pandas!!

Do You Have Any Pets:   Yes! I have a little Bunny named C'Thun!


What do You Want to be Remembered For:   My Kindness


TV Series to Binge:   The Office

What is Your Dream Car:   2020 Acura NSX Type R

What Would you Rate 10/10:    Val's French Fries!

What is Your Guilty Pleasure:   XOXO, Gossip Girl


Astrological Sign:   Sagittarius

Do You Collect Anything:   Plants

TV Series to Binge:   Euphoria

Favorite Holiday:    4th of July

What Would You Rate 10/10:   Unexpected Destinations on Roadtrips


Favorite Food:   Steak and Mashed Potatoes

How Would Your Friends Describe You:   Trendy, Entertaining, and Passionate

Dream Job:   I'd Love to be a Freelance Makeup Artist or an Esthetician

What Kind of Art do You Enjoy Most:    Fashion! I love Street wear.

What do You do on Your Day Off:   Workout, Practice Makeup Looks, Online Shop, Watch YouTube, and Hang Out with my Boyfriend and Two Best Friends!


What are You Going to College For:   I am an Education Student

Where Can You Usually Be Found:   You can Find me at Work or Cheer

Favorite Type of Potato:   Umm... Baked?

What Would you Rate 10/10:    Billie Eilish and Burritos

Favorite Holiday:   Black Friday